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We all want those Instagram worthy shots – perfect exposure, perfect framing. Down right swoon worthy. And the good news, you don’t have to be a pro.

“I didn’t go to photography school” says Dallas photographer Scott Slusher. “My mother-in-law bought me a photography book at a garage sale. I read the book and then I applied it.”

That’s right. Scott slusher, an authentic lifestyle photographer captures breathtaking images like these – no degree photography needed.

In fact he was in fashion design school when he landed an internship in photography.

Scott says “From there it turned into working with LA and New York photographers that came into town. And just learning bits and pieces from everybody. Learning some lighting and learning how to talk to people. Learning how to do everything.”

Weather it’s western lifestyle or fashion, Slusher says the key to capturing the perfect shot is immersing yourself in the action

“I want to be in the mix of it. And I want to be out there in it and doing it while taking pictures. I want people to feel like you are there. That’s the main part.”

And you don’t necessarily need professional gear.

He says “the smaller the better. I’ve been in circumstances where I’ve taken a really awesome picture. Roll with what you have for that day and get a different perspective.”

Slusher also says authenticity is key to capturing really amazing images

“I would find what you really have a passion for and indulge yourself. If you really want to shoot for a clothing company or you an electric company indulge yourself in it and be apart of it.”

And when you finally nail the perfect shot, take notes.

“Write that down. Write down what you did in that image. I change the F stop to this on image …”

Slusher seems to have nailed the perfect shot many times over, but he says to true key to great photography is to never stop growing.

“I’m always thinking in the back of my mind, like man if I would have done this or if I would have done that. Everybody does that. It’s part of making yourself a better person no matter what you are doing.”

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