How to Keep Internet Creeps Away From Your Kids

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DALLAS — It’s back to school time, or should we say, back to worrying time? In just a few days, children will start a new year of learning, and parents will surely be posting pictures of this proud moment all over social media.

But beware of the creeps, folks!  For safety reasons, you don’t want to share too much information about your child online.

Here’s a piece of advice from the experts: before taking those pictures, turn your phone locator off.  Never disclose the name of your child’s school.  And in order to prevent identity theft, avoid using your kid’s full name.

Now, in order to protect your kids from cyber bullying, monitor their social media presence, check their privacy settings and talk to them about the risks of sharing sensitive information about themselves or their family.

It all seems obvious, but let’s face it: Facebook is a nest of weirdos, and you never know who your friends’ friends are.

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