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It’s shallow and petty, but we all want to be liked.  It turns out a dude named Napoleon Hill, who everybody likes, or at least likes his top-selling book Think and Grow Rich, has handed over the keys to success in another book, The Science of Success.

One section in particular talks about 'Developing a Pleasing Personality.'  So if you are as shallow and petty as the rest of us, here's how to be more likable!

Napoleon says folks who speak in a friendly and deliberate tone and realize that not every thought they have needs to be expressed, tend to be liked -- so don’t yell and say whatever pops into your dome!

Also, if you take the time to listen to people, pay very close attention to what they’re saying, act like they’re the most important thing in the world, and -- this is key -- smile while you’re talking to them, you’ll be admired and liked all over the place.

But if, and when, you fall flat on your face, make sure you find the lessons in your failures and try not to complain.  Likable people, according to Napoleon, develop positive mental attitudes. It shows and spreads to everyone they run into.

Also, try to keep an open mind and be patient, especially with the people who you will likely will never totally agree with.  And the illustrious Mr. Napoleon Hill also recommends that if you want to be liked, try to do one good deed a day... and don’t procrastinate.

So get to it everybody!  Let’s make the world a better place. And if it so happens more people like us, that’s a not too bad a thing either.

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