How Thanksgiving Can Gobble Up Your Cash

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Thanksgiving is just over a week away, but to fill your belly you may have to empty your wallet.

The American Farm Bureau Federation says an average American's Thanksgiving dinner for ten will cost about $52. That's three dollars more than last year.

One of the reasons for the spike in price is because it was a bad year for the bird flu. Because of the limited turkey supply, you're going to have pay 15% or more for your bird this year. But that's only if you buy it fresh. Stores thought ahead and stocked up so you can save some cash by going with a frozen one.

Turkey's not the only thing creeping up in price. Our rainy weather this year is bad news for pumpkin pie lovers. Farmers grew about half as many pumpkins this year as usual. While though experts believer there will be enough for Thanksgiving, its not stopping the prices from going up.

Also, the drought in California is making vegetable and fruit prices spike this Thanksgiving.

But the biggest cost this Thanksgiving is all in your head. The holidays mean stress and lots of it.

The American Psychological Association finds that a lot of people tend to get stressed around the holidays, especially women. 44 percent of women have higher than normal stress levels this time of year. The Mayo Clinic says planning ahead will cut down on your stress big time.

Just remember, Thanksgiving is supposed to be about family and fun!

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