How many Whataburger numbers do you have? North Texas Police are comin’ for ’em!

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KRUGERVILLE, TX — The seedy underbelly surrounding a Texas fast food favorite has been put on notice. We all know about the classic Whataburger number tents. They give you the tent as your order number, then take it back when they deliver the food to your table.

But when they forget to take that number back, we all know what happens to those numbers.

One North Texas Police Chief is ready to lay down the law because the kids have gone mad with number lust!

“Ultimately, it’s still a theft, and it’s someone else’s property,” said Northeast Police Department Chief James Edland. “When we come across them we’re going to take them and take them back to the owner.”

Northeast PD in Krugerville posted its latest bust on Friday, a lineup of Whataburger numbers bigger than the stack still at the local restaurant. Just a few days later, it’s been shared nearly 6,000 times, and the Chief says it has a million views.

He said they’re not actually targeting kids; just taking them back when they’re doing other stops and see them in cars. But maybe it’s time for the orange and white knights of fast food to change it up!

They could have customers draw numbers like in a bakery or at the DMV, or they could just write people’s names like Starbucks! On second thought, we don’t need any more name mix-ups at another restaurant!

Whataburger doesn’t seem too concerned that they’re ordering a bundle of numbers per week at many restaurants. One girl even admitted her theft of 112 numbers on Twitter, and the chain simply laughed it off.

That being said, I guess whatever butters your Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit!

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