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DALLAS — Whoever said hip-hop and classical music don’t mix hasn’t heard of violinist Damien Escobar. The 27-year-old’s claim to fame is brilliantly stringing together the sounds of classical melodies and hip-hop harmony.

“I love so many different styles of music and right now is a really good time for music because music is on an innovative path,” Dame told NewsFix.

After graduating from Julliard at the extremely young age of 13, Dame knew he had an early and bright future in the entertainment industry.

“I was in college at 10 to 13 and it was absolutely insane,” he added. “I  was a young kid that wasn’t really admired because I was really whooping butt!”

Before going solo, Dame made the decision to cut himself from the duo “Nuttin’ But Stringz,” a group he created with his bother and was recognized by millions on the show America’s Got Talent.

“Just musically as artists you want to tell different stories, so right now, I’m kind of riding my own wave.”

Dame’s “wave” has been pretty high ever since. He’s snagged features and appeared on many tours including his own tour, The Boundless Tour.

“The Boundless Tour is me, my music, it’s my honest expression it’s my journal and everything wrapped into one tour on stage.” “If you really love something and you believe in it, you’ll put in that extra time to make sure it’s a reflection of you!”

Dame is definitely doing his own thing while sharing his love for music — no strings attached!