Actress Leslie Jones Just Proved Racism Is REAL

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LOS ANGELES — It has already racked up over $200 million and counting. The all-girl version of Ghostbusters is a box office hit. But ghosts aren’t the only things actress Leslie Jones is fighting off these days.

Off screen, the Ghostbusters star is busy exposing racism– and it’s not pretty.

Monday, The 48-year-old star warned her followers she was going to stop blocking the evil tweets she was receiving and start re-tweeting the racist tweets and DM’s from Twitter trolls.

And so it began …

Jones also called on Twitter to change its guidelines and take action against the users:

In a statement to, Twitter claimed they’ve “taken action” and are working on “improving” their “tools and enforcement systems to prevent this kind of abuse.”

Although Jones’ Twitter feed is covered in hate, #LoveForLeslie poured in from fans, celebrities, and people who actually have a heart.

No telling where, why, or when these tweets started.
Jones believe it’s all because she stars in the remake of Ghostbusters.

Wake up people, this isn’t some movie. Racism still exists!

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