House where 13 year-old Shavon Randle found dead gets demolished

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OAK CLIFF, TX – The day finally arrived, the moment family members and neighbors have all been waiting for.

The demolition of this eyesore in Oak Cliff brought down wood and painful memories.

It’s the house where 13-year-old Shavon Randle and 19-year-old Michael Titus were found murdered four months ago.

“I’ve been having many mixed emotions about the whole situation like how am I supposed to feel?” says Shavon’s mother, Shaquana Presley. “How am I gonna feel once I see it fall? I know none of it is gonna bring her back but it’ll keep us from just having to see it here.”

Police say Shavon was kidnapped from a home in Lancaster because of an argument about stolen drugs that had not involved her. Titus had been named a person of interest.

Shavon’s mother says the demolition is a step, but not quite closure.

“Oooo I hope they get what they deserve. I feel like we lost, I wanted to see my baby grow up,” she says.

Three men have been indicted for Shavon’s kidnapping, but so far no one’s charged with murder.

“I’d like to see everyone charged with capital murder!” says Shavon’s great aunt, Cynthia King, “because at the end of the day, that’s what it was, our baby was murdered.”

What comes next may bring a little comfort.

“We’re going to plant a tree on this property,” says Dallas Mayor Pro Tem, Dwaine Caraway, “we are currently discussing acquiring this next house, and get it and turn this entire area into a little pocket park in the name of Shavon.”

“I think it’s beautiful,” says Shaquana, “I think it’s gonna be nice. It’ll be nice, we’ll come by and visit.”

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