Hot tips to help your pet survive the North Texas heat!

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DALLAS – It is disrespectfully hot outside, and no one wants to mess around in the heat… that includes your pet.

“It’s just too hot outside for them,” said Madeline Yeaman from the SPCA of Texas. “They have that fur coat, and it is too hot for them to regulate their temperature. If they are outside… you want to make sure they have access to shade, some kind of shelter, and even better if you can put some kind of kiddie pool out with some water.”

If you’re think about shaving your pets fur to help cool them down… don’t do that!

“When you shave them, not only do you prevent them from being able to help regulate their body temperature, but you also develop a risk of sunburn,” Yeaman said. “They do make dog safe sunscreen, so put a little bit on there because they do get sunburned.”

And we know you still need to let your furry family member go outside for a little relief, just try to be smart about it!

“We do recommend that you wait and either do it in the early time in the morning when there is going to be less of that direct overhead sunlight, or in the evening when it’s a little bit cooler,” Yeaman said. “You want to check the temperature of the pavement before you take your dog for a walk and just check it with the back of your hand, because if it’s too hot for your hand, it’s going to burn the pads on your pet’s paws.”

This is basically the real life version of “The Floor Is Hot Lava,” so make sure your pet wins!

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