Hot Dog! Wienermobile Plays ‘Ketchup’ With NewsFix

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DALLAS -- Hot dog! Don't you hate when you smash your buns? Yeah, well, that's exactly what happened to the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile when it slammed into a pole Sunday in Central Pennsylvania.

The wiener ended up with a shattered windshield and a busted bumper. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

But don't get your buns all soggy. We've got some "bunderful" news. We played ketchup as another Wienermobile rolled into DFW.

"If we're 200 miles away, you can find us on the Wienermobile app. You can find out where our events are and come check us out," explained Oscar Mayor Ambassador Joey Greenstein. "And you get your very own wiener whistle. You can also park in your driveway virtually."

Okay, so let's cut the bologna. How big is this weenie?

"It's 27 feet long or 60 hotdogs long. It's 11 feet tall, so we have to watch our clearance sometimes and we get to travel all across the country."

Want to relish in the chance to take a pic with the Wienermobile? Well, you can. This hot dog is coming to a city near you this week.

"People are always excited when they come. We like to say that every day is a parade in the Wienermobile," Greenstein said. "People honk and wave and smile. No one is ever mad that we're coming to town."

Hey, don't you wish you were an Oscar Mayer wiener?

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