Horse Sense: RNC Security Gets Boost from Fort Worth

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CLEVELAND, OH–We all know some politicians could use a little horse sense.

Well, the Republican National Convention is getting some, thanks to North Texas.

Eight Fort Worth police horses and officers are in Cleveland patrolling near the Quicken Loans Arena.

“After the incident in Dallas, I wasn’t sure if they’d be called on to assist with that, but they made a commitment,” Sgt. Mark Medwid of Cleveland’s Mounted Unit said.

On a normal day, Cleveland has five to six horses for patrols. But these aren’t normal days. The eight from Fort Worth and several more from around Ohio will boost the team to nearly two dozen.

The Cleveland Mounted Unit says those Fort Worth horses can march right in.

“We’ve been exchanging information for a while now. We went over some videos, some training things that we’ve done. They’re very similar to what we do,” Sgt. Medwid said.

Don’t worry about these horses getting spooked by all the activity.

“They’ve been desensitized for these types of activities and that’s what they’re trained for to handle stressful chaotic situations,” veterinarian Ray Hephner said.

“You’re not going to push over a two-thousand-pound horse,” Sgt. Medwid said.

Some of the Fort Worth cops weren’t sure they’d make the trip after what happened in Dallas. But now they *and* their horses are all set to prevent serious trouble in Cleveland.

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