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DALLAS — It was a day of Dirk at the Mavs Basketball Academy Hoop Camp, although Dirk admits he just got back from vacation and might not be as fast on his feet.

“The whole month of May, I let myself go from deserts, from drinks. I got disgusted with myself when I got back,” he said.

The morning started with a meet and greet with the kids. Then a few games of Knockout where you have to make a basket before the person behind you does or your out. A few kids schooled the big man.

“Tried to hurry up and get to the free throw line and jack it up and just shoot it,” said 9-year-old Preston Tarpley who beat Dirk.

As for Dirk’s regular gig, he says he plans on finishing out his career in Dallas, but the details are still up in the air.

“I played sort of decent,” he said. “I might opt out and sign maybe a two or three-year deal, it depends on how it goes.”