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DALLAS – If you think the never-ending construction on LBJ has turned your commute into a nightmare, just be happy it’s not in your backyard. More than a 100 people have filed a $10 million lawsuit against the companies behind the freeway’s facelift.

They claim there are cracks in their walls, property values are plummeting and they can’t sleep because of all the noise.

“Many nights where we haven’t been able to sleep because flood lights are flowing through our window keeping us up,” said Jimmy Bumper was one of the residents protesting Friday.

Attorney Dean Gresham led the charge. “No person should be forced to endure what these good people are going through on a nightly basis. So, that’s why we filed this lawsuit against the general contractor and sub-contractors that built the LBJ construction project.”

The construction started back in the spring of 2011. The grand plan was to build express toll lanes to ease traffic on this notoriously busy loop around the city, but it seems like this project is never going to be finished.

Meanwhile, homeowners say their houses are being destroyed by all the construction on the other side of the fence. On Friday, they drew a line in the proverbial highway and let it be known that they’ve reached their limit.