Homeland Security admits Russians hacked into the U.S. utility system

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WASHINGTON D.C. -- Seems like the department of homeland security has finally let the cat out of the bag.

DHS has admitted that Russians ran a campaign last year where they were able to hack into the United States' power grid system, which could have caused massive blackouts all over the country!

But Jeremy Rucker, a cyber security attorney, says don't freak out just yet.

"With this particular attack, it's nothing new, and there's no reason for concern right now, there's no reason for the paranoia."

Apparently the hackers gained access by working with a third-party vendor. However, Rucker says Russians aren't the only sneaky ones we should keep our eyes on.

"We're always focused on Russia and what Russia has done to us, but essentially these attacks can come from anywhere, from anyone. Cyber issues, they're global issues, so it's not just us getting these attacks they're all over."

Some utility businesses could still be at risk since the attackers were able to use the credentials of real employees. But there are ways companies can protect themselves.

  • Choose your third-party vendors wisely.
  • Make sure contracts with those vendors are solid.
  • Be able inspect what they are doing.

And although Rucker says not to worry, the DHS says the campaign is most likely still going on.

So this situation needs to be fixed asap because you know what no utilities could mean. That's right, no air conditioning, and around this sizzling great state of Texas, we need all the AC we can get!

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