HomeBless Life – Episode 4: Pops is Poppin’

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Pops has been homeless off and on for going on 30 years.

In this episode, we take a look at how people treat the homeless and what a difference it makes when Pops gets blessed.

For ways to help Pops and to connect with HomeBless Life, click here.

A difference not only on how people see Pops, but how he feels inside. Watch Pops get a makeover and a special surprise.

“HomeBless Life” is an inspirational web-series, hosted by national playwright and director Laterras R. Whitfield, that displays acts of kindness to bless the homeless. Whitfield and his team dedicates each episode to converge on a homeless individual or group of the displaced and blesses them beyond their wildest dreams. This series motivates viewers to, “b” the blessing for the homeless.

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