Holy Stamp: Ash Wednesday Starts Lenten Season

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DALLAS -- Alright, now that we've all stuffed our faces after a Mardi Gras style Fat Tuesday, the real sacrifice starts on Ash Wednesday, which is when Christians celebrate the beginning of lent.

Yeah, that might mean giving up swearing, your morning Starbucks or social media addiction until Easter. But for others, it’s a time of prayer, reflection and self-sacrifice for the man upstairs.

We're all familiar with the traditional cross-shaped ashes, but one church in Dallas is taking a holy twist on this traditional marking. St. Cecilia Catholic Church in Oak Cliff is offering the ash stamp.

Hey, this new idea might get you through the line a little faster or at least put a new meaning on self-service.

But some Catholics are confessing a different truth.

“It’s so 2015. It’s like going to church with an Instagram twist on it,” said Tracy Ukgbel.

“I'm for the old school way, but it’s still a representation of the beginning of lent,” said Aaron Mangabang.

But with a progressive Pope making modern markings on the Catholic Church itself, this tool is offering up a cool new way to start the Lenten season.

To stamp or not to stamp? That's the question, but whatever you prefer, just remember the real reason of the season.

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