Holidays Hazards Could Leave Some in The E.R.

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FORT WORTH — The holidays can be a hectic time and between cleaning house, and taking care of that turkey there are plenty of holiday hazards to look out for.

Texas Health Resources Emergency Room Doctor Robert Genzel said, “Yes, family is coming but you sort of have to take that deep breath and be careful.”

Dr. Robert Genzel has worked in the E.R. for more than 30 years and says this time of year it is holiday havoc.

“The cranberry can is jammed and you stick a knife in it to pry it open, rather than getting the can opener  you get a knife and you cut yourself. Or you’re trying to wash dishes faster and it breaks in the sink and you’ve now cut your finger.”

Dr. Genzel says while the cuts, burns, and bruises, are common those who suffer with chronic illnesses might want to put that pie on hold.

“The people with congestive heart failure come in with exacerbation volume overloaded. The patients with diabetes, their sugars get a little bit out of control. So complications related to chronic illness is sort of the number one thing we see during the holidays.”

Of course, stuffing and gravy aren’t  the only things to look out for. You’ve also got folks falling from decking the halls.  And let’s not forget those who have had a little too much egg nog.

“With Uber and Lyft, cabs and friends there are so many other alternatives out there. It’s really not worth having the risk of a DUI.”

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