Hispanic Heritage| Mexcor. inc CEO shares his life story


CEO says he was inspired by his family history

HOUSTON (KIAH)– Eduardo Morales comes from a long line of creators. His grandmother, a ranch owner made tequila. She would say the agave plant was a lot like people. What was inside of it was what made it unique. Morales grew up watching the agave converted into different types of tequila. Watching the process, he says taught him his work ethic.

When he moved to Houston, He knew he wanted to incorporate the lessons he learned in Mexico with the life he created here.

Eduardo Morales, President 

And I think most immigrants that come here….come to the U.S. they come with that drive of living the American dream.

Eduardo Morales, President of Mexcor.inc

That is when the idea of Mexcor. inc expansion came to be. He wanted to bring his families’ tequila to the states. Gradually it led to him becoming a distributor of alcohol from all over the world.

It’s like a dream, it’s awesome that it pulls through the stores when we get to dream it and execute it.

Eduardo Morales, President of Mexcor.inc

Morales says alcohol in Latin America is Artisinal that it’s rooted in tradition and family. 

I think all of us as Hispanics, we want to be together, everything is about family and it reminds us of being with our families, everything boils down to we always want to consume the best and be together as a family.

Eduardo Morales, President of Mexcor.inc

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