Hip Hop Cowboys merges music and rodeo in Mesquite

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MESQUITE – Love the rodeo? And hip-hop? Well, the two are being combined, right here in the Metroplex. It’s the 6th annual Hip Hop Cowboy Rodeo.

“Basically you’re listening to all the music that we love at the same time,” Craig Jackson told Newsfix. Jackson is a promoter for the Rodeo. “You riding horses and you hear rap music playing in the background or any kind of hype music to pump you up. So it’s just always a great event.”

And from cowboys to cowgirls, you can pretty much expect the unexpected.

“You can plan to see someone go out and rope a calf or ride a bull or see a girl run around and do the turns but it just never gets old,” Jackson said. “You can’t script it out.”

Another thing that changes each year are the performances. This year Pokey Bear and Bishop Bullwinkle will be taking the stage. And reality TV star Toya Wright is hosting.

“Everybody we bring they understand that this is a community event and they always give their all to it,” Jackson said.

The Hip Hop Cowboy Rodeo takes place Saturday, March 18th at the Mesquite Arena. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and the show kicks off at 7:00 p.m.

So get ready to be taken on a ride!

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