Funny! Jamie Foxx National Anthem Memes

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LAS VEGAS – It sounds like Jamie Foxx gave us more twists and turns at the Fight of the Century than May and Pac combined. Yeah, people just won’t let go of his remix of the National Anthem.

The crowd expected the multi-talented artist to hit those high notes.  Instead, we got a flat, Sunday’s Best version of the Star
Spangled Banner!

Yeah, patriots TKO’d Jamie on social media.

But, the Terrell, Texas native isn’t the only celeb who hasn’t quite delivered when singing our Nation’s Anthem.

In the past, songstress Christina Aguilera has mashed together her own lyrics, R. Kelly has made our anthem into his own two-step, and Michael Bolton probably still can’t figure out the words.

And don’t forget Carl Lewis’ EPIC FAIL!! Lol…

But as for Mr. Foxx, the same dude with a Texas street named after him, he made us all feel good about our shower singing!

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