New Evidence: Did Hijacker D.B. Cooper Work for Boeing?!

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PORTLAND, Oregon — After more than 45 years of annoying conspiracy theories, we may be one step closer to figuring out who the heck D.B. Cooper really is.

Finally, right?!

Back in 1971, a well-dressed man using the alias “Dan Cooper” hijacked a plane over Oregon, extorted $200,000 in cash, then parachuted out.

Scientists now say new evidence from Coop’s clip-on tie, that he left on the plane, suggests he may have worked for Boeing.

The new team dubbed “Citizen Sleuths” claim a powerful microscope discovered rare particles only used at that time to build Boeing’s high-tech Supersonic Transport plane. The sleuths say that clearly points to D.B. Cooper being a contractor or Boeing employee.

The FBI closed the case back in July, but this could be a game changer.

Heck, if you ask us, D.B. Cooper sure reminds us a lot of Don Draper from “Mad Men.”


Just saying.

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