High School Censors Yearbook Pictures

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High School Yearbook Pictures Get Photoshopped

WASATCH COUNTY, UT- One high school yearbook got a little Photoshop-crazy and these touched-up teens are not happy.

“I just started flipping through and then I noticed that mine was edited, that my shirt was pulled up farther,” one student said.

School administrators in Utah came under fire when students noticed their photos were retouched in the high school yearbook.

When they looked for their pictures, girls discovered raised necklines and randomly added sleeves and whoever was behind the computer was a total Photoshop newbie:

“My shirt was a cream color, and the color of the cover-up was completely white, it looked like white-out on my skin,” one teen said she noticed.

Worse? The teens say no one gave them a heads up and had they been given a choice, would have just changed their outfits. No need for the digital make-over.

And the changes seem pretty random. Two teen girls wearing the same shirt were given different treatment: one had sleeves added, one went un-retouched.

The school says they’re sorry for not being consistent, but they’re not sorry for covering these kids up. They even put up a warning sign on photo day.

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