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When it comes to high end fashion, most of us can only dream of owning designer labels because with those high end labels, come high prices.

But don’t worry stylist Alex Cohen and Vintage Martini shows us how you can have a sex and the city moment, without breaking the bank.

“It doesn’t matter what the year is fashion is good fashion. We have Chanel from last year and we have Chanel from the 1950’s and we kind of help our customers meld the two worlds together” says Ken Weber of Vintage Martini.

Ken showed fashion stylist Alex Cohen all the reasons why what was once old, is new again.

Ken says “a perfect example of why to shop designer is because you can get this fabulous little clutch for $285 versus $1500 in store today for a brand new one.”

Whether it’s a vintage Gucci bag or a full look, Weber says you never have to worry about being out of style with vintage looks.

“What’s really great about vintage is that some of my biggest clientele are designers. They come and they shop with us for inspiration. They look to the past for inspiration so a lot of what you see on the runway today is actually a rehash of what you saw in the 70’s or 80’s.”

From jewelry to shoes and everything in between, a consignment shop like Vintage Martini is the perfect place to find a one-of-a-kind piece that will leave people asking, where did you get that?

Ken talks about one of his favorite pieces right now: “One of my favorite pieces that just came in and it’s perfect for this fall and winter is this vintage Geoffrey Beane from the 1960’s. A pink and white gingham wool. The quality is unbelievable it’s lined in silk. You don’t see that nowadays. It’s fabulous and it’s a statement piece.”