Hiding in Plain Sight: Highland Park Plans to Hide Porta Pottys

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HIGHLAND PARK -- Hey, we've all seen those unsightly yards, you know, the ones with creepy lawn gnomes, pink plastic flamingos and Porta-Pottys?!?!

Yeah, with so many new homes popping up in the metroplex, a Porta Potty is a common sight in many hoods.

But the swanky neighborhoods in Highland Park just couldn't hold it anymore. They've decided these outhouses gotta go!

"Beginning June 15, we'd have to start screening all of the portable potties," said Larry Pascall, Vice President at HPD Architecture.

How have we been living all these years with this eye sore?!?!

That's when the folks at HPD Architecture and Sardone Construction decided to turn this into a pooing contest -- well, kinda. They’re screening for the best Porta Potty screen design.

"It would have to be amusing. It would have to be practical something that can be assembled and disassembled," said Pascall.

Hey, we've got some ideas that might fit in with the neighborhood, how about the Birth of Venus or hunky David himself? Maybe we could fit the screens with diamonds -- hey, who doesn't like bling?

While we're looking at a doo-doo re-do, these bad boys should come fully equipped with some Poo-Pourri. Right?

The contest for the best screen design runs until June 29th and the winner will be announced on July 13th on the HPD Architecture website.

Hey, the winner even gets a hundred bucks! So hurry and don't get caught with your pants down!

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