Heroic Bus Driver Saves Students From Burning Bus

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FORT WORTH-Heroes come in many forms; they don’t always wear a cape or a mask, just ask students from Northwest ISD.

Ten Northwest High School students were on their way home after school last Wednesday when they heard a loud bang and reported seeing smoke!

That’s when their bus driver, Heather Bowen sprang into action, pulling the bus over on an exit ramp on I-35W in North Fort Worth.

A fire that broke out near the rear tire of the bus, quickly turned into an inferno, engulfing the bus.

“When there’s that split second that there’s something going on you almost become tunnel vision into what it is that you need to do,” said Bowen.

Bowen kept students away from the flames and helped keep them calm until their parents arrived.

Now the district is praising Bowen for her heroic actions. Although the wheels on this bus are no longer going round and round, Bowen is glad she was able to do her part.

“I’m grateful, grateful that all of my students are safe and that they’re home with their families tonight,” said Bowen.

Proof, you don’t need super powers to be a super hero.

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