Hero Ball: National Veterans Wheelchair Games Kick Off in Dallas

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DALLAS, TX — There are a lot qualities that make up a hero, but the ability to keep moving forward and hit hard, regardless of what hand life deals you, is a big one.

The 35th National Veterans Wheelchair Games kicked off on Sunday, with a good old fashioned game of Quad Rugby, a.k.a 'Murderball.'

“A lot of banging, a lot of fun out there, just try to get from one side to the other side within 40 seconds, 12 seconds to get across half” explains Navy vet and Quad Rugby player, Howell “Scrappy” Smith, “There`s only two position in the game, there`s a high pointer and a low pointer... the high pointers, those guys are really the Steph Curry`s and the Michael Jordans of the spot, because those guys get to shine. Which I`m luck I have so much function, I`m able to be a high pointer”

On hand to open the event was Vietnam vet and former POW, congressman Sam Johnson.

For these disabled vets, the Wheelchair Games aren`t just a chance to show off their skills on the court, but it`s also an opportunity to bond with their fellow soldiers who gave so much for the country.

“It`s just a fun experience, a whole week you come, you meet guys that are in the same situation as you, you can exchange information,” said Smith, “You just kind of get away from life for a weekend, have fun, compete against fellow veterans, it`s just a good time.”

The games keep rolling all week, and it`s not just Quad Rugby! There`s basketball, soccer, track, softball, and much more. The events are all free and open to the public, so come on out and cheer on our Vets!

The competition is top notch, and these guys are more than just athletes; they're bona fide heroes.

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