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Here’s how to find out if your crazy ex is stalking your phone

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BANGKOK, THAILAND — Thanks to FlexiSPY, all the crazies out there have another tool to stalk their victims.

The “unique monitoring software” was initially created to help parents keep a close eye on their kids’ whereabouts, internet and phone use. Sounds safe, until a bunch of jealous creeps slash ex-lovers got a hold of it!

According to an article in The Sun, FlexiSPY’s ability to track people’s movements, monitor their text messages and even listen in on calls has reportedly enabled domestic abuse. Unfortunately, for a small monthly fee, abusers can tap into their victim’s phones using the software.

But there’s a way to dodge that bullet! A bunch of blogs against the software have listed steps where users can go to their phone settings and spot if someone is spying on them with FlexiSPY.

For Android Phones

1. Open the “Settings” application and tap on “Apps.”

2. Select the “Downloaded” tab and scroll down the list of installed applications until you locate the entry named “SyncManager.” This is the misleading name used by the running FlexiSPY process.

3. Tap on “SyncManager” and select “Uninstall.”

4. Reboot your phone.

For iOS

1. Launch your device’s default marketplace application. The name of the application is “App Store”.

2. Search for a mobile malware-removal tool by typing “antivirus” or “malware removal” in the application’s search box. Most mobile anti-virus applications can identify FlexiSPY as a known threat and remove it from your phone. Examples of common mobile antivirus applications are “Norton Mobile Security,” “NetQin Mobile Security” and “Kasperspy Mobile Security.”

3. Tap on “Install” or “Download” once you have found a suitable anti-virus application.

4. Launch the application and run a full scan of your phone’s memory. Follow the onscreen instructions to remove FlexiSPY from your phone.

Stay safe out there, y’all.

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