Here’s a Prediction: Not All Predictions Are Right

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Imagine if you were always right — never, EVER made a bad prediction.

Well, when it comes to predicting the future, it seems like local meteorologists are getting a lot of heat because they couldn’t get a handle on the cold. Many experts predicted ‘Snowmageddon,’ but most people in the Northeast just got snow.

It was enough for someone from the National Weather Service to tweet an apology!

I still don’t understand the backlash against the weather experts. Maybe it’s because so many people always seem to pile-on when someone fails.

We still laugh over botched headlines and political predictions gone bad.  Do you know someone who still makes fun of people who thought “Y2K” would cause chaos?

We have a field day with this stuff.   There are a lot of stories like this floating around the web.

Maybe it’s best if we just compare forecasters  to baseball players.  Remember: If someone hits .300, they’re an All-Star — but that means they only get on base about a third of the time.

That’s  enough to remind us to be tolerant of the person predicting the weather, because in life, it takes a few misses before you eventually get a hit.

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