DEDICATED SENIOR MEDICA CENTER SPONSORED CONTENT — The medical annual enrollment period is an important time for older Americans. However many don’t realize that it is also an opportunity to change your doctor and get the care you need.

Joining Fun on the Run to discuss this is the medical director at Dedicated Senior Medical Center, Dr. Faryal Farooqi.

What are some warning signs that indicate it might be time to change your doctor?

Some warning signs to think of is, Can I see my doctor when I need to? Are they accessible and available for me when I need them? Do I respect my doctor’s recommendations? Does my doctor respect me? Do I have convenience? Can I go in and get my medications and my blood work drawn? Can I just have the resources in one center where people are available for me? It’s really important for patients to think about those things as they start choosing a new doctor.

What questions should people ask when considering switching to a new doctor?

The question people should ask is, again, accessibility, our patients have our cell phone numbers. Are there things available that can help bring my trust in the doctor at ease? So some other things are? Can I be open to talking about some of the most important health concerns that I have? Are they respecting me? Are they honoring me? Do they value my time? I think that’s the most important thing is your doctor willing to spend time with you to personalize your care and needs because we know in this world, every patient’s needs are different.