Here are a few tricks to keep those pesky package thieves off your porch

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Sometimes the season of giving can be turned into the season of taking. That's all thanks to package porch pirates who really crank it up a notch around the holidays. But folks across the country have found clever ways to trick a thief!

First up: The Blank Box .

A clueless criminal might think they're snagging a gift from Santa but, not so fast!

"Leave it on your porch all day and then when someone comes up to pick it up, that`s when it goes off," Jareime Barrow explained.

He used shotgun blanks and fishing wire to make this boobie trap and scare the crap outta those crooks.

"I wanted a way to scare them safely and when you scare them hopefully they are gonna drop the package and then run away and never come back."

Speaking of "crap," a dude from Oklahoma is the brains behind the Turd Trap. The idea is to get a box, fill it up with cat poop maybe wrap it a couple times, in different packaging so they'll think it's some high tech that needs like of padding.

Oh and make sure the bottom isn't taped ALL the way.

So now that this secret's been unwrapped, hopefully it'll still send a message to those greedy Grinches out there. Or at least keep them on their toes!

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