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NORTH TEXAS – Non-profits are usually noble, helping incredible causes. But doing good work, takes money.

“We need the money like anybody else,” says Nika Arastoupour, talking about Heart of Autism. “We’re all fighting a cause.”

One day a year, North Texans come together in a big way to try to support each other.

One of those groups is Arastoupour’s. It started five years ago after her son,  Mazy, was diagnosed with autism.

“We give back to the local community for therapy for underprivileged families, research, and for adult services. For ABA therapy it’s very expensive, anywhere from an average cost of $80 to $120 an hour and it`s proven to be about 25-40 hours a week in order to see some progress in your child.”

So on this day, like 2,500 plus other non-profits in the area, they`re asking for donations.

“North Texas Giving Day is the largest online day [in the nation] of giving for local non-profits,” she says, “even a five dollar donation will make a difference.”

By noon #NTXGivingDay had already raised more than $17,000,000.

Last year, they raised more than $37,000,000.

And if you`re wondering why you should give back…

“1. It`s a great tax write-off.” says Arastoupour, “And 2. I think it’s very important to always give back, especially if you have children to set that example.”

You have until midnight Thursday to donate.