Heart Attack Survivor Searching for Stranger Who Saved His Life

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DALLAS -- Some might say Jerome Davis is lucky to be alive. Davis himself, though, is not among them.

"I wouldn't say lucky. I'm blessed," Davis told NewsFix. "I serve a good God."

After the series of extraordinary events that saved his life last month, it's easy to see why he'd credit a higher power,

When Davis suffered an acute heart attack behind the wheel of his car, he managed to pull off the highway into a gas station.  And just as importantly, to get out of the car.

"I could've never got out the car," Davis said.  "It could've been hours, days... Nobody would've... You know."

Yeah, nobody would have known to help him, and his story could have gone very differently.

But, miraculously, he was spotted by some strangers. One of them, a woman, gave him CPR until the ambulance arrived.

When Davis woke up at Texas Health Presbyterian in Dallas, he had no memory of his near-death experience or of the Good Samaritan that helped save his life.

Of course, the Garland EMT's in the ambulance helped too. They had to shock his system seven times to keep his heart pumping on the way to the hospital.

And Dr. Saleem Mallick performed the emergency surgery that brought Davis back from the brink.

"It was kind of a community effort," said the cardiologist. "I'm just one link in that chain."

Now, Davis is recovering with his family and warning others not to ignore the signs of a heart attack, "They have this commercial out that says, 'Don't die from doubt.' I'm saying it too.  Call 911, do something.  It may save your life."

He's also still searching for that gas station guardian angel.

"I would just love to meet her to thank her," Davis said. "because she was there when it really mattered."

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