Health technology changes the way people heal

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DALLAS-- Whether we know it or not, technology is keeping us alive!

Well some of it, anyway!

Jonathan Miller can testify to that. In 2006, Miller had a stroke during a surgery to remove a benign mass on his brain.

"After the stroke, I was not very active. I had a device called an AFO . It's a very big device and it's very uncomfortable to wear," he said.

So, he tried a much smaller gadget instead; the Walkaide.

"So, what it does is, it takes place of the AFO brace. So, they don't have to wear that brace and allows them to use their own nerves and muscles to achieve walking properly," William Regan of Hanger Clinic said.

To take it a step further, no pun intended, another invention developed at UT Arlington allows you to move wheel chairs around with just your eyes.

"So, this device would actually be able to track what a user is looking at and a reason about that. If the user is looking at, let's say, a glass of water, the forward facing sensor here can map that out and figure out that it is a glass of water.  Then, the pupil camera can basically figure out that the person has been looking at this for five seconds, or ten seconds, 

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therefore they must be thirsty," Chris McMurrow of UT Arlington said.

Seems like these gadgets just prove that certain technology literally can read your mind.

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