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DALLAS — Friendly reminder, folks: Valentine’s Day is this Sunday! And what better way to celebrate this season of love than with one of our favorite love stories?

You might remember Tye and Emily. Tye works as an EMT in DeSoto.  Emily was diagnosed at 15 with Friedrich’s Ataxia, which causes progressive damage to the nervous system. But that didn’t stop them from hitting it off.

“She’s the complete package,” Tye told NewsFix back in October. “We have so much fun together. We laugh about everything. It was actually only about two months that I figured, like, ‘Man, I love this girl.'”

Yeah… the two fell in love.  And in December, NewsFix was on hand to capture their wedding day.

When the big moment finally came, Emily ditched her wheelchair and walked down the aisle — with a little help from her mom and dad. Tye then carried her the rest of the way to the altar.

So sweet!

After they exchanged vows, rings, and a kiss, Tye also carried her out of the chapel.

Hey, not many of us have had as much to overcome as these two, but Tye and Emily’s story is proof that sometimes, love wins.

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!