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DALLAS- Honor, Courage, and Commitment, known as the HCC, is a business center in Dallas specifically designed to help veterans get their ideas off the ground.

“Helping veterans find their next mission by equipping them with the tools that they need to be successful after they leave the military,” said Urshel Metcalf, the Director of Operation at HCC.

The team from Robin Technologies can already vouch for HCC and it’s resources.

“It’s the world’s very first robotic lawn mowing service,” said Bart Lomont, the co-founder of Robin Technologies. “We’re taking proven, reliable technology from Europe, and combined it with high quality human crews.”

An idea grown right here in North Texas! This little robot has been saving dads from having to sweat it out on the lawn mower during the summer months!

Veterans like Lomont are able to help grow their business through HCC, while employing other entrepreneurs who’ve served.

With full office spaces, conference rooms, and- most importantly- coffee, HCC says they’re ready to help you bring out the next big idea.

“We have an ecosystem where veterans are helping to produce success in other veterans,” Metcalf said.