Haunted House Clowns React to the Creepy Clown Craze

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FORT WORTH — The countdown to Halloween is on, and no one is more ready than the folks at Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth.

“We’ve done a bunch of research on fear and what frightens people, and always one of the top five things that frighten people are clowns,” owner  Todd James said.

That’s right. Creepy clowns can scare up a fright, but for many folks, clowns are no laughing matter. In fact, thanks to the creepy clown craze, where folks are being terrorized  on the streets from amateur jokers, the pros are taking precautions that they haven’t needed before.

“We don`t allow our actors to leave the property in makeup any longer,” James said.

Cutting Edge Actor Jessie Woodruff remembers a time when actors didn’t have to be so cautious. “We used to not worry about it so much, we would go out after work and be able to hang out as a group and have fun, all together, after work.”

“Like today when we went to Dallas and we were driving in the car. We had that fear in the back of our head. What if someone were to do something just by seeing us,” said long-time performer Laney Honeycutt.

While these actors spend a lot of time on their makeup, costumes, and scaring skills, the clowns on the street are giving the pros a bad name.

“As an actor for Cutting Edge Haunted House, when we are out in public rather when we are in our makeup or Cutting Edge Shirts we hold ourselves to a high standard,” actor Alicia Lucio told Newsfix.

Coworker David Drake agrees. “There is a level of respect for the people you are scaring,” he said. “Somebody who goes out on the corner of the street is looking to make trouble.”

So folks, leave the creepy clowning to the pros. Otherwise, the joke might leave you in stitches.

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