Happy Skies: Airline Satisfaction is the Highest It’s Been in Years

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DALLAS–Hey up in the sky? What’s that you see? Happy passengers!
A new survey finds airline customer satisfaction is the highest it’s been in 22 years.

Southwest and JetBlue tied for the top of the survey for 2016.

Hey, it’s the second bit of good news for JetBlue. They also announced huge profits in the last 3 months, nearly $1.5 billion.
A lot of that’s because of low fuel prices.

2016 Airline Satisfaction SurveySouthwest and JetBlue both scored an 80 out of 100 in the customer satisfaction index.
Alaska Airlines pulled a 77, followed by American at 72, Delta at 71 and United at 68.

Who got bad news? ย Spirit Airlines.

Yeah, they offer cheap fares, but they came in dead last for customer satisfaction with a score of 62.

Sounds bad, and it isย bad, but it’s actually 15% higher than last year. The company that does the survey says apparently Spirit does get “price points,” even if it ticks off its customers with fees for carry-ons, water, and printing boarding passes.

Delta’s getting rid of a fee that lots of passengers hate: the $25 fee to talk to a person on the phone. Score one for passengers!

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