Happy Father’s Day, Mom! Does This Angel Soft Ad Disrespect Dads?

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DALLAS — It’s not every day we get to show love to the important men in our lives. But is Father’s Day becoming the sequel to Mother’s Day? A new Angel Soft ad is giving major props to single moms on the holiday that’s supposed to be dedicated to dad.

Ok, the tear-jerking promo may have some reaching for a tissue. But does the message flush the true meaning of Father’s Day?

Well, Twitter seems to think so with some coming down hard on Angel Soft, calling the ad disrespectful and insulting.


But last year, the U.S. Census Bureau rolled out stats showing that in 80% of single parent homes, the head of the household is a woman.

And we’ve all heard a lyric or two from Kanye or Tupac on the touchy topic.

”You always was committed, a poor single mother on welfare. Tell me how ya did it?”

Yeah, kudos to all the hardworking single moms out there! But,  Father’s Day just isn’t your day.

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