Handyman builds steps for park, city tears them down

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TORONTO, CANADA -- These stairs might not lead to heaven, but at least they're going somewhere!

A man in Toronto was fed up with the city taking its sweet time to put up a simple flight of stairs at a popular park. Not only that, but city officials said building the stairs would cost between $65,000-$150,000 for just for eight steps!

"I thought they were going to put escalators in here or something," handyman Adi Astil joked.

So Astl took it upon himself and built the stairs for a measly $550!

"There was a person around here, which was kind of a homeless person. I engaged them to help me, because I am 73-years old, can't do this much anymore. So within 14 hours we built the steps," Astl said.

Before he built the steps, the walkway was just uneven stones and rope to hold onto.

"Kids use it, the kids coming down to play soccer, people on bikes, we see lots of seniors," Astl's spouse, Gail Rutherford said. "We had one of our garden members come down. She fell and broke her wrist."

However, not too long after the stairs came to be, the city took them down, saying they were unsafe and probably wouldn't last very long. It wasn't all for nothing, though! The city is going to build brand new stairs, and for a fraction of the original cost.

One man's DIY turned a slippery slope into a stepping stone, but hey, baby steps right?


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