Hail storm wreaks havoc on North Texas neighborhoods

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COPPELL -- Although summer is practically here in Texas, mother nature had a different message for parts of North Texas early Wednesday morning. Some areas took a heavy pounding during the storm that rolled in, bringing with it baseball and even grapefruit sized hail.

After midnight the National Weather Service declared the storm severe and sent out warnings to Denton and Collin County, but Coppell was one of the worst areas hit.

"It just started sounding like pellets, and then it got louder,"  Coppell resident, Cynthia Schultz, said

Shultz, says the falling hail caused glass to hit her daughter in the face.

"She got in the car in the attempt to try to move it. I don't know where she thought she was going," Schultz said. "Sitting in the passenger seat, the baseball size hit her, and part of the shard of the glass hit her in the face, in the hair, I mean it was just a mess."

For some people this may look vaguely familiar because just last year the city of Little Elm was drowned in a hail storm, causing major damage to cars and school buses.

But some of those ice bombs don't compare to what fell from the sky on Wednesday, and those don't match up to the reportedly largest sized hail to ever fall, which has been compared to a baseball, a softball, and even a basketball.

It was actually a nearly two pound, eight-inch-wide ball of ice that came raining down in South Dakota back in 2010, making it about the size of a soccer ball!

Let's hope that's the last of the hail storms for a while so we can head into summer full speed ahead.

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