Dallas Company’s $100,000 Hacker Challenge

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DALLAS -- Hacking has become something that most us fear. And why not? It can affect your money, your devices, even your car. It gives a whole new meaning to revenge of the nerds.

But one company is putting hackers to the test and challenging them to put their money where their hard drive is, and we're not talking Bitcoin. We're talking $100,000 cash!

Vice President of SurMD, Brian Krallis, explains,

"We protect healthcare data, which is actually the most sought after data by hackers," explained Brian Krallis, Vice President of SurMD. "So, part of this contest is for us to create a server where we've embedded an image and we've invited the top hackers from around the world to try and get this image off of our server."

And if a hacker is successful, Krallis says part of the $100,000 prize is to teach the developers how they got it done,"By doing that, we can always stay two or three steps ahead of the hackers."

If you think you have what it takes to hack into the system, you have until Tuesday night before the clock strikes midnight. So, to all the coders out there, be sure to make the most of your time this weekend.

"I think they all feel confident that they're going to win," Krallis said. "And we feel confident that we can protect the data so we'll see."

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