Hack Job: Duo Arrested for Stealing Cars using Laptops

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HOUSTON, TX -- Stealing cars usually comes down to how fast a thief is behind the wheel but in the age of computer technology it`s now coming down to how quick a thief is on a keyboard. Houston cops have arrested two suspects who are accused of stealing more than 100 cars, all using one tool; a laptop!

Here`s video of one of the thefts in action:

The man hops in the Jeep then out comes the trusty laptop. He quickly disables the alarm then, in what takes just over a minute, the Jeep is up and running and the thief is off.

Cops say the men used pirated computer software to reprogram the cars` electronic security so that their own key worked in the ignition. Police are now investigating how the thieves got access to the database codes used by dealerships, repair shops and locksmiths to replace lost key fobs.

Guess the technique of smashing a window in order to steal a car has been replaced with hacking the system. Hopefully catching these thieves will help other police departments around the country take a gigabyte out of crime.

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