Guy Spends $26,000 to Look Like David Beckham – FAIL!!

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LONDON -- The ugly truth about beauty is: Some people are born pretty, while others have to pay for good looks, or at least what society says are the current "beauty standards."

Take David Beckham, for example.

Whether you think he's hot or not, it doesn't matter 'cause People Magazine has  already labeled him "The Sexiest Man Alive."

That may be one reason why Jack Johnson spent major dough to look-like Beckham.

"I just want to look like David Beckham, no one can say David Beckham is ugly," Johnson said in an interview with This Morning.

Jack Johnson says he's gone under the knife for cheek and chin fillers, lip injections, new teeth and tanning injections -- all totaling $26,000!

And after all that, Jack ended up looking more like David's distant cousin. But you can't tell him that! Jack believes his money is well spent, even if it does land him in debt! Which, by the way, he's currently thousands of dollars in the hole even after using his work benefits.

He's also planning to spend $30,000 more on surgery and gastric bypass to get David's hot bod!

"Obviously, I'm not slim like him. I don't have the six-pack, but I do want a gastric band," Johnson explained.

Unfortunately, Jack's not the only one getting botched to look like a big name celebrity. Kim K has her fair share of clones. And remember the late teen who spent thousands to look like the Biebs? Yeah, none of them have been very successful.

Check out Jack Johnson's full interview below:


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