Guac Giveaway: Celebrate Mexico Independence Day With Free Food

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FORT WORTH — Happy Mexican Independence Day!! What, you didn’t know that was today? Well, now you know.

September 16 is the day Mexico revolted against the Spanish government. Okay, okay,  we got that off Wikipedia, but while Mexico is celebrating its independence. Americans are doing some celebrating too.

“How else to celebrate than with guacamole and avocados?” askedTracy Altman, Wholly Guacamole‘s V.P. of Innovation.

That’s right,  it’s also National Guacamole Day.

The company Wholly Guacamole, which is based out of Saginaw, uses one-million avocados a week to make their brand of guac.
So, what better way to celebrate than to make their way to Fort Worth’s Sundance square and give away the green stuff!

“You know every year we celebrate National Guacamole Day, and this year with what’s been going on in the world we thought it would be nice to give back versus making it all about us,” Altman said.

While this company is here to talk guac, Fort Worth mayor Betsy price showed up to talk fitness.

Fit Worth is our initiative for a healthier community because fit communities are vibrant strong communities, and the guacamole obviously was to help us to fuel our fit worth activity,” Mayor Price said.

While Mayor Price was walking off the guac around Sundance Square, the rest of us decided to head to on the border for some free queso and $3 margaritas.

So, Happy Mexican Independence Day, y’all! Celebrate in style and don’t forget to pass the guac!

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