Grapevine Police and Fire Departments rescue ducklings from storm drain

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GRAPEVINE -- Forget the chicken! Why did these ducks waddle across the road?

Nick Stinson doesn't know the answer, but when driving down the road in Grapevine near 121 and 635, he saw it happening. He spotted a momma duck and her babies on the side of the road.

When he turned around to help, mom had already been hit by a car and her babies had fallen into a storm drain.

Before you get too bent out of shape, this story does have a happy ending!

Instead of being a sitting duck, Stinson called police to save the fallen ducklings.

"They were all together, kind of like how you imagine little ducks being. All huddled up together, tweeting away, kind of just being there for each other," Grapevine Police Officer Oliver Poole said.

With the help of the Grapevine Fire Department, they went in there and got all their ducks in a row, or in this case, a plastic tub!

Now, the ducklings have a safe place to call home that doesn't involve traffic! They were taken to Grapevine Animal Services where they will be raised by volunteers then released into the wild.

Let's just hope they steer clear from busy roadways from here on out!

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