Local Students Finalist in Video Contest & They Need Your Help!

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GRAND PRAIRIE, TX — Move and click… move and click… that’s the tedious process of stop motion animation. But a group of 4th and 5th graders at Garner Fine Arts Academy decided to tackle it head on with their own 3 minute short film.

“It was really cool, we were very, very proud of them,” said Annette Trammell, one of the art specialists at the school. “They worked really hard and they made an amazing product!”

The set, the figures, the movement, script and even the voices were all created by 12 students who put in a month of work to bring the clay to life.

“Sometimes it would kind of fall apart, you’d have to put them in a certain place,” said Ayden, one of the fifth graders who worked on the project.

“And you have to move them a little bit and a little bit,” said Kaitlin, another of the fifth graders.

Yeah, stop-motion is hard, but the old animation style has made a comeback in recent years, and these kids have their inspirations when it comes to movie making from “Frankenweenie” to “Wallace and Gromit” and “The Box Trolls.”

Well, these kids already have a lot in common with those films, since they’re up for an award themselves.

The short has been selected as a top 10 student film in the Scotties Trees Rock Video Contest. The prize is a $10,000 grant to the school and now through February 7th these kids need your help!

You can go to ScottiesTreesRock.com and then sign up to vote every day.

So get out and rock the vote, and make sure these young animation visionaries get the props they deserve!

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