UPDATE: UTA Grad Who Suffered Aneurysm Passed Away

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UPDATE: We are sad to report, according to a Facebook post from a family friend, Aminah Ahmed passed Wednesday evening. A memorial service will be held Thursday.

ARLINGTON, TX – Aminah Ahmed walked across the UTA stage Friday, but her graduation night has turned into a nightmare.

According to social media posts, Aminah went to sleep with a headache and didn’t wake up the next morning. Her family and friends say she suffered a brain aneurysm.

“It’s not very common in young patients; usually our average age range is in that 40-60-year-old range,”  Dr. Babu Welch with UT Southwestern said.

Aminah is currently in a coma, and her story has been shared on Facebook over 20,000 times. It’s a scary scenario; after all, it’s not all that common a 20-something suffers from an aneurysm.  Dr. Welch says there are a lot of factors to consider, but most importantly is, family history.

“If you have two family members generally speaking that have had aneurysms, and if you have a bad headache, you probably should be screened.” Dr. Welch also adds smokers to the list.

So, you may be wondering: What are the warning signs and can this be prevented?

“A headache, a little bit of double vision, a little bit of hand weakness or numbness that comes and goes away.”

Victims describe their symptoms as the worst headache they’ve ever had. Dr. Welch says there is a difference between a bad headache and one caused by an aneurysm.

“A bad headache by itself in a young person isn’t  a reason for an aneurysm concern.”

Aminah remains in ICU, and online prayers continue to saturate social media. Here’s hoping the grad who walked the stage, will soon walk out of the hospital.

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