Goodell Cleared: Report Clears NFL on Rice Video

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NEW YORK, NY- You know what they say, the truth comes out in the light, and today, Roger Goodell and the NFL had the heavens shine down on them.

On Thursday, former FBI director Robert Mueller released his four month investigation into the allegations that the NFL knew about that now infamous Ray Rice elevator video.

Yeah, we’ve all seen it way too many times.

The report says the NFL had no previous knowledge of the knockout punch Rice delivered to then fiancé Janay Palmer.

According to a press release, digital forensics experts combed through millions of documents, e-mails, and text messages from 200 NFL employees, including Goodell and found no evidence of any interference.

They did conclude that the NFL fumbled when it came to obtaining all information about that cringe-worthy punch.

The commish suspended Rice from the Ravens, right after the video was leaked to the public.

Since then, changes to personal conduct policy have been put in place to keep domestic violence at bay on and off the field.

Proof that sometimes you need to dig a little deeper in the name of justice.

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