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DALLAS — A Dallas organization is on a mission to help military veterans and it has recruited a local brewery to help.

Clifford Sosamon and Urshel Metcalf – two Marine veterans – are part of a group called Honor, Courage, Commitment, or HCC.

“What we want to provide is an opportunity and a platform for veterans to be able to connect to their passion and their purpose in life,” Metcalf said, “and find that next mission – something that gives them the same level of fulfillment that they had when they were serving in the military.”

“We have a veteran entrepreneur training program we call the VET program, that teaches veterans how to become entrepreneurs and start their own successful business,” Sosamon added.

To help raise awareness and money for that cause, they joined forces with Dallas’s own Texas Ale Project.

“Being a veteran and being entrepreneurs as well actually, it was just something that really kinda hit home with Kat and I,” said Brent Thompson, the brewery’s co-founder and brewmaster.

“We’re passionate about business, we’re passionate about beer, and we’re passionate about serving for our country,” said Kat Thompson, who founded Texas Ale Project with her husband and serves as CEO. “So we wanted to share that message with everybody and bring everybody together around that message.”

So they brewed up something called Good To Go, a specially-crafted pale ale.

“Which is a really nice pale ale,” said Brent. “It’s got about 5.3% ABV, real low bitterness, and just something that’s really quite nice.”

“For us, it is a huge marketing tool,” Sosamon said. “We were more than pleased when we were approached by T.A.P. to do something for the betterment of our veterans here in North Texas.”

Yeah, and with part of the proceeds going to HCC, this Dallas creation will help give veteran entrepreneurs a leg-up in the business world.

Good To Go launches Friday, June 23rd, at Texas Ale Project.