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BROOKHAVEN COLLEGE – When Ft. Worth’s own Leon Bridges finds out if he’s won the Grammy for best R&B Album Monday night, he’ll have plenty of people ready to celebrate back home.

“If he wins I’m going to scream my head off. Like the world will hear me screaming,” says his former dance instructor Gyps Ingram

When Ingram met the first time Grammy nominee he went by Todd Bridges and was a shy student in her hip hop dance class at Tarrant County College

“He didn’t talk a whole lot and I didn’t see a whole lot of his face because he was always looking down,” she says.

That all changed when he put on a suit for a performance.   

“When he danced the piece he was a completely different person. The confident Leon that you see today came out with him in this suit,” says Ingram.

The old-school dapper style that has become bridges signature.

Ingram is particularly proud at how Bridge’s moves on stage fit the old school soul music he sings.

“There is an old soul to his dancing. It feels like it belongs in the period. What he’s doing doesn’t seem like he’s trying to force the Wop or the Nae Nae.”

Ingram and Bridges exchanged text messages this morning and she says this budding star is still the same guy he was a couple years ago when he was washing dishes and playing open mics in Fort Worth.

“I have such a tender spot in my heart for him even before he became Leon Bridges. He is exactly who you see. Onstage, offstage, he is one of the kindest, sweetest most humble students I’ve ever met.”